Fall Fairytale Farm Sessions

This is a special that we do only once a year, and only in Nakusp!

We create a beautiful setting with all of the animals, and then we photograph your child/children into the scene afterward. We do this to keep the children and the animals safe. Your children can see and pet all of the animals on the farm, as long as they are respectful and well supervised. They are also able to hold one of the animals for their portrait if they are able to, and are very careful. The safety of your child and of the animals is our number one priority!

These images are beautiful. We want to create a fairytale portrait that you will cherish forever!

Package 1: $400

Turn your session fee into beautiful wall art!!! This package includes a $400 print credit to be put towards wall art, canvas, metal, or acrylic prints. In this package, the sitting fee, and critter cuddles are all free. It also comes with 10 low-resolution digital images to share on social media.

High-resolution digital images are extra.

Package 2: $150

Includes the session, critter cuddles, and 10 low-resolution digital images for sharing on social media. Prints or high-resolution digital images are extra.


Canvas prints are a more traditional way to display your artwork. Canvas gives your images a beautiful "farm" style look. Complete with a frame, these pieces will look stunning in your home!

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic printing is a stunning new way to display your artwork! It gives your images almost a 3D effect and the colours are so bright and vibrant! Acrylic prints can come framed or unframed, either way, they are ready to hang!

Metal Prints

Metal prints give your artwork a vibrant and modern look. The prices above are for framed pieces, but we can also order them without a frame, your choice!

How to display your images

Our walls are the the galleries of our homes. What better way to dress them up than with beautiful images of your Dog? We can design the perfect display for any area of your home.

Your session includes a gallery to choose from, and up to 10 low resolution, watermarked, digital images for sharing on social media. High resolution, un-watermarked images are available for an extra charge.


An album is a keepsake of all of your best images from our session. These albums are beautifully crafted and printed on high-quality paper, complete with a hardcover and filled with vibrant images of your dog!

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"“Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.”"

—Henri Cartier-Bresson