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Hello! I wanted to use this space to touch a little on our story... how did we start photographing farms, and how the heck do we create these crazy full farmily portraits!

It all began in the fall of 2014. I wanted to create a Christmas card but I wanted it to be something special, and I wanted it to include some of our furry family members too, so we pulled out the old couch, and we created this image below... This is the portrait that started it all! It's far from perfect but with this image, a dream was born. Over the next year, I spent my time learning and perfecting my idea.

For the fall of 2015 I wanted to try again, but this time we decided to include ALL of our farmily members! So we brought in the horses, and more chickens and ducks. This was the first "Full Farm Portrait" we ever created! Again, it's not perfect, but when I posted this image online it went crazy on the internet, and my very first clients started contacting me to see if I could create a farm portrait for them as well!

And as they say, the rest is history!

The last four years have seen us traveling all over the place, visiting farms, and meeting some of the most wonderful people and animals! Most of our work has been in BC and Alberta so far, but we have also been to Tanzania, Africa, and created two wonderful farmly images there as well. We are starting to book farm tours in the USA and other parts of the world as well, so the sky's the limit!

This was our Christmas card for 2017. We had just finished building our new chicken house and thought it was the perfect backdrop!

2018 we decided to work on capturing each animal's own unique "petonality". Here we have each of our critters doing what they do best, from kissing, looking for food, cuddling or just looking cute!

2019 had us building a new guest cabin, (Now available on Air BnB), so of course, it was the perfect backdrop to our 2019 Christmas card family portrait.




So how do we do it? How do we create these portraits? Are we animal whisperers? sorcerers? no... we use a lot of patience and a little magic! None of the animals in our portraits are trained for this! None of them have ever done this before (except maybe ours lol). Here is a behind-the-scenes time lapse video so you can get an idea of how it's done. For more information, contact us, and we will give you access to our super secret behind the scenes webpage where we explain how it's done, as well as packages and investments.

Air BnB licensed this image for use on a billboard. Currently displayed all around the world!

Interview with the WGN Morning News crew in Chicago!

In 2019, this image, called "Ancient Memories", won two awards in the Professional Photographers of Canada's Image competition. It won "Best in Class" for fine art photography, as well as "Most Creative" in the entire show!

"Ancient Memories"

I was one of only 7 finalists for the prestigious Photographer of the Year award!!!

We were recently published in Canada's Equine Guide 2021, a Special Annual Issue of Canadian Horse Journal Magazine!

We have been featured on the cover of Canadian Horse Journal again! Too cool!

My ole' girl Tempie made the cover of Canadian Horse Journal magazine!

This image also won first place in the photo competition that year.

Competition Winner 1st place.

Some of the critters we have here on the farm!

As you can see in the images above, we have a lot of animals of our own! Dogs, cats, horses, chickens, ducks, and turkeys! These are our "farmily" members :D

Our wonderful dogs!

From left to right, Cala - 7, Aslan - 6, Ruger - 15, and little Pixel when she was 4 months old! Pixel is my assistant, and travels with us on photography tours!

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