Dog Portraits

Let's create a story for your dog... Let's capture his spirit in a series of photographs that you will be able to enjoy forever.

Our dogs are our best friends... we love them as family, and we need to preserve their memory. We get that little wiggly puppy, or we rescue that older abused dog... we find our new best friend in many different ways, but no matter how they enter our lives, we know, deep down, that one day they will break our hearts... one day they will leave us. Even knowing all of this, we still love them, we love them fiercely, and we love them completely. The photographs we have of our dogs keep the memory alive long past the time our dogs are called home...

Our goal here is to preserve those memories in beautiful portraits of your pups. We have a couple of different options for pet portrait packages and adventures.

We love getting to know your dog! Every pup has a completely different puponality and we will try to bring it out in our sessions!

Your dog can't be off-leash? No problem, we will edit out your leash and make sure your portraits are perfect. Most of these dogs are not well trained, many won't sit or stay, and many can not be off-leash! YES, we can still photograph your dog and bring out their best in the session!!

Vancouver Island BC

Denver, Colorodo.

Zanzabar Island, Tanzania, Africa

Arusha, Tanzania, Africa

Vancouver Island!