Aurora-Boar-ealis and Casteel! 

Eeeek, I am over the moon excited about these two little cuties!!! Meet Aurora-Boar-ealis and Casteel, two baby Kune Kune pigs who have recently joined our farmily! These two little piggies have quickly become the best of friends, and have settled in nicely alongside our goats.

First, we brought home little Aurora, thinking that she would be our one and only pig... well, Aurora was so sad and lonely that we had to find her a friend. I heard about Casteel on another farm, and fell in love with his photo, so off we went to Kelowna to pick him up too! Aurora is 6 months old, and Casteel is 8 months. It was almost love at first sight for these two and now they are inseparable! Casteel is a barrow, which means that he is neutered, so no baby pigs in our future!

Kune Kune pigs are a breed of domestic pig originally from New Zealand. They are known for their small size, docile nature, and distinctive appearance - they have short legs and a rotund body shape, with a distinctive tassel of hair on their chin, some have wattles. Aurora and Casteel are no exception - they are both incredibly cute and have already stolen our hearts.

One thing that's particularly great about Kune Kune pigs is that they are very friendly and sociable animals. They love nothing more than spending time with their humans, as well as each other. In fact, we've noticed that Aurora and Casteel are already inseparable. They can often be found snuggled up together, sleeping peacefully in the sun. I'm so happy to see such a strong friendship forming between these two little cuties!

Of course, raising pigs isn't all fun and games. Pigs are intelligent and curious animals and require plenty of mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. We've been working to provide them with plenty of enrichment activities. We've also been working on training them to do simple tricks, like coming when called or sitting on command. It's amazing how quickly they've been able to learn new things - they're definitely smart little pigs! Aurora is a little crazy about meal times and she totally loses her mind when I bring in her breakfast or dinner. So far I have managed to get her to sit for her meals, which is a great improvement from her running around and screaming like a crazy pig haha.

Kunekune pigs are known for their love of grazing, which is one of the reasons I love this breed. They are not rooters and are less destructive to the land. We've made sure to provide them with a large pasture, hopefully, the snow goes away soon and the grass will grow! We've also been supplementing their diet with high-quality pig feed and hay to make sure they're getting all the nutrients they need. Every day for lunch they get a huge bowl of fruit and veggies which we get from a local grocery store. They give us some of the produce that they would otherwise throw away! It's such a great treat for the pigs, (as well as the goats, chickens and horses).

All in all, we're thrilled to have Aurora-Boar-ealis and Casteel as part of our farmily. These two little pigs are a joy to be around, they make me smile every day! We're looking forward to watching them grow and thrive. We hope you'll enjoy following along with their adventures as much as we do!

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